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About Us

About UsCarolina Coaching & Mediation Services is dedicated to help individuals, partners, couples, families, neighbors, organizations and small businesses navigate life’s challenges. We have the resources of 30 years of law practice (Flebotte and Associates), 30 years of pastoral care in the community (Fuller Mediation) and the accumulated knowledge of resources in the Triangle and community.

Some transitions in life are predictable and come with all the support we need. We are here for the others. We believe we can help you with planning, legal support, mediating mutual decisions and conflicts, as well as coaching you through a process that will give you more control over your future. We can also save you money along the way. Here are the places we would like to come along side you and help you navigate those rough waters.

Mediation Services • Senior Advising • Estate Planning •  Divorce and Separation • Parenting Agreements (Child Custody) • Coaching  •  Life Transitions