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Elder Care Mediation

Elder Care MediationWhen the process of aging and illness begin to significantly impact a loved one and their ability to function, compassion calls for tenderness, wisdom and team work. The care givers and loved ones want their loved one to have as much independence, choice and control as possible. The process of collecting information and making decisions takes place in the context of high emotion and busy lives.

You will:

  • Better utilize the available resources of support.
  • Have help navigating the complex relationships that can steal your life.
  • Minimize expenses through a guided process and advanced planning
  • Keep more of your estate for the care of your loved one and to be passed on
  • Save more money that you pay CCMS

We want to help. We will sit with you and help you form a plan that includes the complicated system of services, the ways to channel your resources of time, energy and finances, and the relationships of family, friends, and professionals. Your loved one will be involved as much as possible. This plan will also allow you to keep more time for your own lives and quality time with your loved one.

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