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Mediation Services

Mediation ServicesWe are in the midst of a litigation crisis, at a time when family wealth has returned to early 1990’s levels. The high cost of litigation, along with the current long court delays, makes this process of resolution impractical.

Mediation, along with coaching, is a quicker, cheaper, healthier, path. It allows one to choose a neutral person to navigate the process in a private manner and at dates and times convenient to the participants. All this takes place in a far less stressful environment.

Training and Professional Development

  • Superior Court Mediation – 2011
  • Family – Financial Mediation – 2009
  • Member North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators
  • Custody Mediation: Negotiating Agreements and Renegotiating Relationships for the Long Term

Member of

  • National Association of Elder Care Lawyers
  • North Carolina Association of Elder Care Lawyers
  • North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • American Bar Association

Mediation provides a method for people with disputes, conflicts or issues to exercise their own choices and discretion and to regain control over their lives in resolving these issues. It is a means by which one can actively participate in the decision making process and have direct involvement in the determination of one’s destiny by stirring the process.

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