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Personal Transitions & Life Coaching

Personal TransitionsWhenever change arises and people find themselves drowning in a personal storm, you may need help navigating our way through. We can sit with you, listen deeply and help you choose the way you wish to move. We can then make connections with the resources you need to find your way to a calm harbor and a return to the open seas of life.

We will help you:

  • Discover what's really most important to you in your life
  • Design a plan to achieve your goals
  • Help eliminate any obstacles that stand in your way
  • Stand by you all the way to success
  • Celebrate that success with you!

We offer a process that will be safe, confidential, short term, and beneficial. As a lawyer (Dan) and a pastor (George) we believe we can help you avoid the perils you may not see, and find your course to a good life.

Let us help you. Contact us today. The initial consultation is free.